Can A Book Change Your Life?

Image“I remember the date. In fact I still have the receipt,” said Jim Mazziotti, the principal managing broker and franchise owner of Exit Realty Bend, in Bend, Oregon.  “Yep, it was June 13th, 2010, and after reading a review on Amazon,com,” he said. 

If you knew Jim Mazziotti, affectionately referred to as “MAZZ” by his friends and colleagues, you would know the guy really is an “outside of the box”  personality.  In 2010 he was credited as holding the first ever open house in America that ran consecutively for 56 hours and streamed it LIVE on Internet TV.  For 56 hours viewers and those who attended the event watched as MAZZ, along with participation of twelve agents, spend the entire time (with the exception of two showers and timely bathroom breaks) at the open house…even as he slept in a bed provided by one of a number of sponsors set up in the living room (yes, the living room) of his open house event.  So it is little wonder that he has held back for over 3 years before, what he calls, “The Big Reveal” at Exit Realty Bend.

The date and the receipt he speaks of was that for the book he purchased at his local Bend Barnes and Noble.  The book was The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. “Honestly, I have read the book three times and I just knew it could make a huge difference to the twenty agents in my brokerage and me, but the final motivator was hearing Darren Hardy speak at our Exit Realty Corporation International Convention in October.  So, I came home, read the book again, put together a Mastermind Group and took eleven folks through the journey, “ he said.

For four weeks, Mazziotti, eight Exit agents, two prospective agents and his 31 year old daughter, Nici (soon to secure her real estate license), made their way through the 162 pages of The Compound Effect.  Each week reading, completing worksheets and discovering that “learning without execution is useless.”  So now….at the end of four weeks was MAZZ’s BIG REVEAL!

At the conclusion of the fourth and final Mastermind get-together MAZZ announced to the entire group that he was putting into action all that he had learned from the book and had decided to put into action The Compound Effect, which is the principal of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.  The principal also speaks to the importance of teaming with an “accountability partner,” so what better than asking the eleven participants in the group to promise to help keep him accountable!  “I have eleven of my friends and colleagues to support me during my journey…so how can I fail?” he said.

So at the final meeting MAZZ made his “BIG REVEAL” to the eleven participants….and… you!  “I knew that I wanted to not only make my BIG REVEAL to eleven others in the room, so I decided to send my BIG REVEAL to every EXIT associate in North America through the EXIT ACHIEVER. “I am asking that every EXIT associate be my accountability partner from now and until the September 2014 Exit Realty Corporation International Convention at Disneyland, “Mazziotti stated.

Directly as a result of reading The Compound Effect, Mazziotti has set three goals using the compounding effect of change.  First, he has set a goal of losing 43 pounds (just over 4 pounds per month) by October 1, 2014.  Secondly, he has set a goal to complete the manuscript for a book he is authoring called “Letters To My Son: How 123 Letters Changed My Life,” also by October 1, 2014, and thirdly he and those participating in the 4-week journey will allow viewers to follow their newly created FACEBOOK page LIVING THE COMPOUND EFFECT, to follow their journey actually living the compound effect.  “My goal is to make a difference in my life and those around me….and this is just the beginning,” Mazziotti concluded.

For more information on how to establish your own Mastermind Group on The Compound Effect contact Jim                                  Mazziotti. He can be reached directly on the LIVING THE COMPOUND EFFECT page of Facebook. 


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