A PROVEN TRACK TO RUN ON by Jim Mazziotti, Franchisee of Exit Realty Bend

    The story of how my
    10-year old son sold
    me on purchasing an
    Exit Realty franchise

I grew up in a small Iowa town, which at one time was the train center of the Midwest. In 1892 the mighty Chicago Great Western Railroad chose Oelwein, Iowa as its repair facility for all rail cars and locomotives. The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railway Company had already made their way into town, so the little city was no stranger to trains. Powerful and majestic engines would shake the ground as they slowly travelled from the big Midwestern cities, to our community, from all directions.

Over decades it became a little city where powerful locomotives rambled through the middle of town dozens of times during the day. The smell of diesel meant money…so we didn’t seem to mind it one bit. It was likely someone in your immediate family worked for the railroad, in a service capacity, or in a business made possible by the railroad and its thousands of employees. At one time in the early 1900’s my grandfather and his brother, James founded Mazziotti Brothers Real Estate and owned 28 homes on the west side of town; quite an accomplishment for an Italian immigrant who had only recently come to America with a few bucks in his pocket. Most of the homes were rented out to fellow Italian immigrants who came to work on the railroad, almost as immediately as they disembarked ships delivering them from Italy to Ellis Island.

Stories revolving around railroading were commonplace in our home, and still hold a place in our home today. To this day, I remember hearing my kindergarten teacher, Sister Mary George, tell our class a railroading fable. Forty-five years later, I told a slightly modified version of this to my 10-year-old son when he asked about my opening a new real estate office. One day my son asked me, “So dad, what are you gonna call your company?”

I said to him, “Well Christiano, it has come down to two choices. If I open it myself I think I will call it Mazziotti Brothers Real Estate, in honor of my grandfather and your great grandfather, Papa Francesco Mazziotti. My other choice would be to open up as an office called EXIT Realty.” “What’s the difference?” he asked. “Well,” I said, “If I open up my own company I will need to build it from the ground up…kinda like a railroad company that has to buy the land, lay the track and pound the spikes, assemble the boxcars and build the powerful locomotives to pull the cars. I will need to train the employees and the people to keep the records of when and where my train goes and how to handle the money. And I will need buildings to repair the boxcars and the locomotives when they need fixin’.”

He scratched his head and looked up at me. “What’s your other choice?” he asked. At that very moment it became clear to me. I thought to myself, why on earth would I try to build my own railroad, so-to-speak, when EXIT Realty already has one of the most powerful and finely tuned operations in North America? EXIT already has assembled a real estate railroad in a box.

It was then when I realized a railroad passenger car can’t get anywhere on its own. It needs the ground that supports the tracks, the locomotive, the systems and the expertise of many. It needs everything that a railroad company has in place, and without it…it has nothing and can travel nowhere. This is exactly what EXIT Realty can do for me, and isn’t it funny how telling this fable to my son, brought everything into focus?

      “Why worry about building a
       locomotive when the most powerful
       team in real estate already exists to 
       help you grow? Why worry about
       your boxcars when they have already 
       been built and loaded with superior
       training and exceptional technology,
      along with passenger cars full of EXIT
      Realty professionals ready to help you
      achieve your dream? “

Why worry about building a locomotive when the most powerful team in real estate already exists to help you grow? Why worry about your boxcars when they are already built and loaded with superior training and exceptional technology, along with passenger cars full of EXIT Realty professionals ready to help you achieve your dream.”

But I needed to make absolutely sure that EXIT was the company they had represented themselves to be. In materials I had gathered, I had highlighted a key point. I was struck by their corporate promise that states, “EXIT Realty Corp. International will achieve the ultimate in success if we all approach real estate franchising from the point of view of the other person’s dream.” So…would they really? I mean, would they really care about my vision, my thoughts, and my dream?

 “Why on earth would I try to build my own
      railroad, so-to-speak, when EXIT realty 
      already has one of the most powerful and
      finely tuned operations in North America?
      EXIT has already assembled a real estate
      railroad in a box!”

On May 2, 2006 I made my way to Portland, OR on an invitation to attend an event called “60 Minutes With EXIT” featuring, then U.S. President, Tami Bonnell. This would allow me the opportunity to hear from her, and to perhaps meet her. What happened next is not what I expected. As I was introduced to Tami as an agent considering a franchise, she said to me, “Outstanding, it would be an honor for me to meet with you one-on-one. I would love to learn more about you and hear your thoughts about my company. Do you have a few minutes?”

Let me be honest, in the years leading up to this, I had talked to several territory sales people for some of the biggest franchise names in real estate. Never had any company President ever initiated an invitation to speak to me. Frankly, not one knew I existed.

I was blown away. In that conversation with Tami, I learned that EXIT was the “real deal.” Tami listened…I mean really listened to me. When I described my dream for an office in Central Oregon she heard my every word. When she spoke, it was from the heart. For more than an hour, perhaps longer, she answered every question and provided a fresh approach to the real estate business like I had never heard.

Shortly after our meeting, I purchased the EXIT Realty franchise. But the story doesn’t end there…it was just the beginning. I opened my office on the same day that Steve Morris, EXIT Founder and Chairman, celebrated the 10-year anniversary of introducing EXIT to the world and opening his corporate headquarters. And throughout the worst economic downturn since the great depression, Tami and EXIT has been there…every step of the way. Now, as the CEO for EXIT Realty Corp. International, Tami is still only a phone call away.

Take my train story and run with it on your own. Why try to build your own railroad when the EXIT railroad track has already been laid, from coast-to-coast, across North America? Why worry about building a locomotive when the most powerful team in real estate already exists to help you grow? Why worry about your boxcars when they are already built and loaded with superior training and exceptional technology, along with passenger cars full of EXIT Realty professionals ready to help you achieve your dream.

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Can A Book Change Your Life?

Image“I remember the date. In fact I still have the receipt,” said Jim Mazziotti, the principal managing broker and franchise owner of Exit Realty Bend, in Bend, Oregon.  “Yep, it was June 13th, 2010, and after reading a review on Amazon,com,” he said. 

If you knew Jim Mazziotti, affectionately referred to as “MAZZ” by his friends and colleagues, you would know the guy really is an “outside of the box”  personality.  In 2010 he was credited as holding the first ever open house in America that ran consecutively for 56 hours and streamed it LIVE on Internet TV.  For 56 hours viewers and those who attended the event watched as MAZZ, along with participation of twelve agents, spend the entire time (with the exception of two showers and timely bathroom breaks) at the open house…even as he slept in a bed provided by one of a number of sponsors set up in the living room (yes, the living room) of his open house event.  So it is little wonder that he has held back for over 3 years before, what he calls, “The Big Reveal” at Exit Realty Bend.

The date and the receipt he speaks of was that for the book he purchased at his local Bend Barnes and Noble.  The book was The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. “Honestly, I have read the book three times and I just knew it could make a huge difference to the twenty agents in my brokerage and me, but the final motivator was hearing Darren Hardy speak at our Exit Realty Corporation International Convention in October.  So, I came home, read the book again, put together a Mastermind Group and took eleven folks through the journey, “ he said.

For four weeks, Mazziotti, eight Exit agents, two prospective agents and his 31 year old daughter, Nici (soon to secure her real estate license), made their way through the 162 pages of The Compound Effect.  Each week reading, completing worksheets and discovering that “learning without execution is useless.”  So now….at the end of four weeks was MAZZ’s BIG REVEAL!

At the conclusion of the fourth and final Mastermind get-together MAZZ announced to the entire group that he was putting into action all that he had learned from the book and had decided to put into action The Compound Effect, which is the principal of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.  The principal also speaks to the importance of teaming with an “accountability partner,” so what better than asking the eleven participants in the group to promise to help keep him accountable!  “I have eleven of my friends and colleagues to support me during my journey…so how can I fail?” he said.

So at the final meeting MAZZ made his “BIG REVEAL” to the eleven participants….and…..to you!  “I knew that I wanted to not only make my BIG REVEAL to eleven others in the room, so I decided to send my BIG REVEAL to every EXIT associate in North America through the EXIT ACHIEVER. “I am asking that every EXIT associate be my accountability partner from now and until the September 2014 Exit Realty Corporation International Convention at Disneyland, “Mazziotti stated.

Directly as a result of reading The Compound Effect, Mazziotti has set three goals using the compounding effect of change.  First, he has set a goal of losing 43 pounds (just over 4 pounds per month) by October 1, 2014.  Secondly, he has set a goal to complete the manuscript for a book he is authoring called “Letters To My Son: How 123 Letters Changed My Life,” also by October 1, 2014, and thirdly he and those participating in the 4-week journey will allow viewers to follow their newly created FACEBOOK page LIVING THE COMPOUND EFFECT, to follow their journey actually living the compound effect.  “My goal is to make a difference in my life and those around me….and this is just the beginning,” Mazziotti concluded.

For more information on how to establish your own Mastermind Group on The Compound Effect contact Jim                                  Mazziotti. He can be reached directly on the LIVING THE COMPOUND EFFECT page of Facebook. 

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Have An Extra $2000? The Most Incredible Money Grab Of 2013!

If you are an Oregonian you’ve gotta read this!

This is not an advertisement. This is not a political statement supporting one party or the other (Frankly, I am so tired of it all).  This DOES affect you if (1.) You Are Currently An Oregon Homeowner or (2.) You Ever Plan to Purchase a Home in Oregon (primary, second home or investment). This is SERIOUS! Yesterday I spent my entire day in Salem, Oregon at our beautiful State Capitol.  While I was there I was able to meet with several Oregon legislators as part of a delegation of fellow Realtors.   We were there to discuss with them proposed HOUSE BILL 2001 (HB2001). I bet you haven’t heard much about it.

Now trust me…I have a busy life like you….but this house bill is more than I could ever believe might pass in our legislature.

I know that some of the readers of this blog have already moved on to, what they think, are more entertaining or interesting things….but I assure you….there is likely NOTHING more important that you do today than read this and take immediate action! 

The Oregon legislature is considering the passage of HB2001 and will MOST CERTAINLY act on it this session.  If acted upon and voted affirmatively, the results for future homeowners and affordability for current homeowners will be stunning!  I promise you, this is not a “sky is falling” false alarm. This is real and this is now!

The Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) for Oregon homeowners has been part of Oregon law since 1913. This deduction helps Oregonians realize the dream of homeownership by allowing an average of $2285* in tax savings every single year!  In 2009 (the latest statistic I had available) more than 601,000 Oregon families and individuals have claimed this deduction. Without this deduction thousands of interested future homeowners would find that they simply would not be able to afford a home.  Many homeowners would be crippled as well! Quite simply…the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) is an effective and necessary tool that facilitates homeownership.

HB2001 would devastate our Oregon economy and severely hurt FAMILIES, CHILDREN and FIRST TIME HOMEBUYERS!  So, what can YOU do TODAY?

I am asking you to contact YOUR own Oregon state representatives.  You will find their emails and contact information by just going to google and searching.  You MUST send an email to our Governor.  You can find his email template by going to google and searching “Governor of Oregon.”  Lastly….you MUST…(and I mean MUST) contact the following legislators:

Representative & Speaker of the House, Tina Kotek at email::rep.tinakotek@state.or.us

Senate President, Peter Courtney at email: sen.petercourtney@state.or.us.

I beg you……don’t wait!  Do this now.  If the mortgage interest deduction is eliminated or reduced, home values will likely begin to decline, hard-working families will be crushed and our beautiful State of Oregon will be crippled!

If you don’t know what to say, here is my suggestion:

The Honorable ______________________

I am asking you that you not support House Bill 2001 and protect the mortgage interest deduction for the citizens of Oregon.

Supporting and voting for HB2001 will devastate our state and hurt the citizens of Oregon! The Mortgage Interest Deduction is and has been an effective and necessary tool that facilitates home ownership. A vote to eliminate the Mortgage Interest Deduction would hurt families, children and especially first-time homewoners.

As a citizen of Oregon I ask that you NOT vote for the repeal of the Mortgage Interest Deduction.


Joe Taxpayer
123 Anyplace In Oregon Street
My town, Oregon

Be sure to place your name, address and city.

If you need more information just send me a note!

* this number is based on an average 25% income tax rate

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Communicating & Connecting – How “De-Friending” Affected Me Today

ImageJust minutes ago I “de-friended” a Facebook friend.  Now, I know what you may be thinking here. You may be thinking that Facebook friends aren’t “really” friends at all, right?  Well, I agree that those of us on Facebook who have gathered a community of “friends” have nothing more than internet acquaintances. Surely, the Internet has changed so much….and it has even redefined “friends.”  God help us all.

My “de-friended” friend actually is (or was) a friend.  I have known him most of my life, since the age of 12.  Heck, I guess that would be some 45 years.  We live apart now, and have for years, but our small town roots and common interests have always been a link that could not be broken.  If I saw him today (or maybe I should say, yesterday) we would greet each other like the old childhood friends that we are.

When Facebook became available I immediately began to search out for long lost buddies & friends from childhood. I, like perhaps you, anxiously placed former girlfriends, teachers, classmates and relatives in the search box hoping for a connection allowing me the opportunity to perhaps just say hello or, at the very least, see if they were married, have kids and have the kind of job I would have expected.  You know, the real poop.

Have you “de-friended” someone on Facebook?  I hadn’t.  And when I did today I felt like I was cutting a thread that has held us together. Funny, isn’t it?  Who would have guessed something like Facebook would have the power to dig into my emotions and feelings?   Not me.  When I clicked the button it was another goodbye in our almost half-century relationship.  I did so with apprehension and a bit of sadness.

My friend is passionate about a couple things. One of which is politics.  And our political thinking is quite different…..ummm….about as far apart as you could be.  But I found his comments to be angry….very angry.  I discovered that my posts, comments and “tongue-in-cheek” cartoons  were taken as some kind of personal attack on him and all those who believe in his political mindset.  After his last diatribe I came to the conclusion that not only do we disagree on politics, but that his comments were borderline anger management issues.  After his last incendiary comment I posted back nothing more than an anger management site link. No rebuttle…..just the link.   I had no more words for his comments.  To my surprise, his wife came back with a comment that she was insulted by the link I had responded with.   Well, that is where it stopped today.  My intension is  certainly not to insult anyone….I mean, that would defeat the intended purpose of Facebook (if in fact the real purpose of Facebook is not what I suspect:  to gather information about millions of us to be used and sold in marketing, human trends and in data gathering).   I clicked the “de-friend” selection tab.

As a certified speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team, I have trained on communication as a leader of my company.  The events today caused me to pause and reflect on commincation.  I went back to my materials from my Maxwell training and notes from his book (I have more notes in margins of books than you could imagine),  Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.  In John Maxwells book he addresses five connecting principals and five connecting practices of top-notch leaders…something I aspire to be.  I went back and searched for an answer to my communication issue.

In John Maxwell’s  5 CONNECTING PRINCIPALS I reviewed Connecting Principal # 2: Connecting With Others.  It brought to mind what I learned long ago from Dr. Maxwell.  That is, connecting with people is not a skill….it is an attitude.   Was I trying to convince my now “de-friended” friend to join my team?   What attitude did he demonstrate? What attitude did I demonstrate?

John Maxwell says this, “What I l have learned is that connecting is never about me. It’s about the person with whom I’m communicating. Similarly, when you are trying to connect with people, it’s not about you—it’s about them. If you want to connect with others, you have to get over yourself. You have to change the focus from inward to outward, off of yourself and onto others. And I know you can do this, because I did! You can connect with others if you’re willing to get off your own agenda, think about others, and try to understand who they are and what they want. If you’re willing to learn how to connect, you will be amazed at the doors that will open to you and the people you will be able to work with. All you have to do is keep reminding yourself that connecting is all about others.”

In the many Facebook posts and re-posts and comments with my “de-friended” friend I honestly tried to connect with reason, passion, humor and yes, sarcasm from time to time.  But the truth is, I failed to communicate……I can do better.  My goal in my business is to seek out and discover ways to increase the value I provide others.  Always.

I’ll take this experience and grow from it.
I hope you might too.

Listen to this story by Jim Mazziotti at: http://www.spreaker.com/page#!/user/exitrealty/i_just_de_friended_a_friend_on_facebook

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 Amazing Isn’t It? Usain and Teamwork

Image Amazing isn’t he?  Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt was one of the stars of the 2012 Olympics held in London, for sure. He probably will be back in Brazil in four more years as well. He is incredible.

Today I read a great article by Erica Christoffer, a Chicago-based multimedia journalist and senior editor with Realtor Magazine (http://speakingofrealestate.blogs.realtor.org/2012/08/22/economic-hurdles-call-for-team-mentality/).  In her article she spoke of a conversation she had with the National Association of Realtors Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun.  In the conversation Lawrence talked about how he had noticed Usain slow down just before he stepped over the finish line in his individual races, confident that he had clinched the win.  But when it came to the TEAM relay, he never seemed to let-up as he ran full speed through the finish.  Maybe you noticed it too.  I know that I did.

Lawrence attributes this to a “TEAM” mentality. He says that studies have shown that athletes perform better in a TEAM environment.  In her article, Christoffer played on that observation….and frankly, it got me thinking about how I have seen this work first hand in my own real estate office…..and as a matter of fact, just last week.

Our office and especially the EXIT franchise model is a “TEAM FIRST” type of company.  Working closely with other EXIT associates is strongly suggested and supported….unlike many offices which have an almost “me against you” method of operation. Perhaps not intended, but surely felt.  I know…..I have been in an office where I felt uneasy and often felt like I was in a fight-to-the-death competition with my fellow associates.

Last week I asked 10 agents in my EXIT Realty Bend office, who had recently been part of a JOHNNY LOEWY TRAINING event,  to come to an evening event. I promised to provide pizza and plenty of soda to drink (real estate agents love to eat). In return I requested that each attendee make a minimum of 10 calls to expired, terminated and For Sale By Owner listings in our local area.  I also offered to reward each agent with $10 for each appointment set and $100 for each listing secured as a result of the appointment set at our evening event!  Not a bad deal, right?

On CALL NIGHT just 5 agents, 50% of those invited showed up.  Actually, quite good for an after-hours event.  We ate and we talked. We reviewed our scripts and our goals. We talked about setting appointments, who to call….and that we had 90 minutes to schedule a goal of 10 appointments each.  Now, not all agents were geared to work the phones with the intensity that scheduling 10 appointments would take….but all 5 engaged.  After all….this was a TEAM event! All five, some who seldom (or never) make the dreaded cold call, felt comfortable because we did this as a TEAM.  Certainly each call made was an individual event, but like Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt the individual accomplishment was also for the success of the TEAM!  Agents listened to other agents make the calls. We celebrated when an appointment was set….and we tried to figure things out, as a TEAM, when the person on the other end of the phone line didn’t appreciate the solicitation or even hung up.

The results?  Well, I know that not one of the five who participated would have otherwise made these calls by themselves.  But because we fed off each others energies appointments were set!  One agent participant, Kelli, is one of our newest agents.  I believe she felt comfortable and almost relieved in not having to go at this all alone, in a quiet room and at a desk with only a list and a phone.  I know…. I’ve been there…and I’ve done that.  But like Usain she ran with the baton, and once it was handed to her… did fantastic!  Kelli secured 8 appointments!  Yes, 90 minutes and 8 appointments!  At the end of the evening we all celebrated our TEAM accomplishments….and yes….one runner was the fastest, and it was Kelli.

Yesterday, Kelli walked into my office with a NEW listing!  Her first home listing!  I know it was a result of her hard work and initiative…..but I also know it was because of the TEAM!  Together we are so powerful and I love our TEAM here at EXIT! How could I not?

So, the lesson learned….. plan your next event in a “TEAM” event.  Watch how each participant is inspired by others, feels the competition of finishing the race….and best of all, celebrates their success and that of the TEAM!

Oh, by the way….Kelli received $80 for the eight appointments set and $100 for securing a listing.  This is TEAMWORK at it’s best, don’t you think (I will post her photo on my www.facebook.com/exitrealtybend page soon)?

I love my TEAM here at EXIT REALTY BEND!

Jim Mazziotti is the principal managing broker and franchise owner of EXIT Realty Bend located in Bend, Oregon, a community of 80,000 located at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in the high desert of Central Oregon. Yoju can find him on Facebook and contact him by email at mazz@propertiesinbend.com

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August 22, 2012 · 2:17 pm

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

Leans To Get The Gold

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August 22, 2012 · 12:20 pm

Identifying The Gaps In Your Business


Adaped from the article “Resurgence Of The Sales Professional” by Rene Rodriquez, the CEO of Volentum Management Systems

In his recent article, Resurgence Of The Sales Professional, Rene Rodriquez wrote on his “7 Pillars Of A Sales Professional.”  In the article he also spoke of the importance of addressing GAPS in a sales professionals business.  While the pillars are very important, I believe, from a foundational point of view, the importance for a sales professional to IDENTIFY GAPS IN THEIR BUSINESS, is far more important and vital in addressing, before even considering his “pillars.”  So I have chosen to look closer at the GAPS before considering placing the cart (the Pillars) before the horse (Gaps).

He approaches the “GAPS” in a seven point structure.

GAP #1:  Using Marketing As a Cop-Out To Selling

In its simplest form, MARKETING and SELLING are two very distinct and separate tools to a sales professional…..but most sales people don’t separate the two at all.

Look at it this way;  MARKETING attracts people to call us.  SELLING is the act after the customer
arrives.  Simple, right?  For example, today I worked with one of my EXIT Realty Bend Real Estate consultants in creating a MARKETING piece to help him schedule the appointment to make the sale.

GAP #2:  The Lack of a Defined JOB DESCRIPTION

Rodriquez points out that this problem is worst in some industries more than others…..but it is widespread…..and it is especially a problem that I see in the business of real estate.

Take time right now to WRITE DOWN your JOB DESCRIPTION.  Don’t have one?  That isn’t unusual…just write something down now.  Whatever comes to mind…just…write it down!

I am betting, as did Rodruquez, that most real estate agents wrote something like, “My job is to sell homes!”  Or it might be “My job is to help my clients!”   But….think about it for a minute.  Really, think about it.  It took me several times before it sunk in for me….and I am still digesting it a bit. But think about this:

The Challenge With Seeing The Job As, “SELLING HOMES,” As Simply Getting A Client Into Or Out Of A Home, Is Realizing That This Is A RESULT of What Your Job Description Should Be!

Deep?  I had to read this four times before it sunk in to my hard head.


I made my first stab at my job description as this:

“I own and operate EXIT REALTY BEND, which is a proven business model that supplies multiple opportunities and additional sources of income for my associates. For Exit agents it is about providing the opportunity for security, stability and direction. For our clients, EXIT Realty Bend offers a professional approach to assisting our clients’ needs with reliable, competent and extraordinary service.

I’m not sure if this is my final draft.

But I like it.

I believe it fit’s my vision for EXIT Realty Bend.

Gap #3:  Confusing ACTIVITY with PRODUCTIVITY

This could actually be a part of GAP #2 because if people don’t know what their JOB TRULY IS, than any ACTIVITY can seem like a good way to spend time.

A professional sales person must know the difference between ACTIVITY, PRODUCTIVITY and OPPORTUNITY.

Most ACTIVITY only sets the table for you to enjoy the meal.

You know that is easy to look busy while being broke.  I have been there. Done that.

Gap #4:  Having No Structured & Sequenced Sales System

I agree with Rodriquez that this is a HUGE factor in the business of real estate.  How many active real estate agents, INLUDING YOURSELF (Ouch!) actually have a DEFINED, step by step process (structured & sequenced sales system) to take prospects to clients and clients to close?

Most agents eat up a lot of their time and a lot of their clients’ time.

Let’s look, as a perfect example of this, to BILL NASBY.  Our EXIT Realty Bend office was fortunate enough to learn directly from Bill Nasby when he presented to agents for 16 consecutive weeks.
Bill is regarded as the premier DOOR trainer in the business. He has knocked more doors than most of us have ever seen.  With his STRUCTURED and SEQUENCED system, Nasby consistently closed over $500,000 in gross commission sales each year back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Imagine.

Here is how Nasby created a SIMPLE, structured and sequenced system for his business:

  1.  He knocked doors.  Anywhere and everywhere. He said, “You can drop me in any community or any city in North America and I can EFFECTIVELY and METHODICLY sell homes immediately!” Ask yourself what you would do should this be you.  Yikes!

     B.  His  SIMPLE system required him (and those he trains) to knock the door and ask 5 questions.
Nothing More. Nothing Less.
           1.)  Hello, Exit Realty Here. When Are You Planning on Moving?

            2.)  How Long Have You Live Here?
3.)  Where Did You Move From?
4.)  If You Could Move Anywhere, Where Would That Be?
5.)  When Would That Be?

C     He paid attention to the QUALIFYING ANSWERS to his QUALIFYING QUESTIONS and then
used his systems to follow up based on the answers he heard.

1.)  Having A System For Those That Planned On Moving Now.
2.)  Having A System For Those Moving In The Future.
3.)  Knowing Where They Moved From To Identify a Home Sale Referral Opportunity.
4.)  If He Could Identify Where They Would Move To Perhaps There Was An
Opportunity To Find Out WHY They Wanted To Move There and….WHY!
5.)  If He Could Identify WHEN They Were Moving He Could Implement A System
To Help Them SELL Their Home And Purchase Another Or At The Very Least
Secure A Referral.

Genius! This shows YOU how one person uses just ONE….yes…JUST ONE system, to have earned more than ½ Million Dollars A Year! Consistently. Effectively!

Want to see more?

At my EXIT office I have adopted the JOHNNY LOEWY training systems.  All EXIT REALTY BEND agents need to do is look to the JOHNNY LOEWY REACT ONLINE TRAINING systems.

Pointed Step-By-Step Training = Proven Business Producing Systems = Scheduled And Planned Activity Based Prospecting = Sales


Research by <TheSalesBoard.com> shows those sales people who have a CLEAR BUSINESS COMMITMENT OBJECTIVE can cut the sales cycle (the time to secure a sale with a client) by as much as 25%.  So, you can see how having this commitment could FREE up more time, allowing you to work smart, not hard!

GAP #5:  No Canned Presentation Of Value

Do you have presentations that say something different each time you present to a prospect?

Facts show that EVERY SUCCESSFUL salesperson has PERFECTED their scripting and presentation.

Is yours on a NAPKIN or as an effective POWERPOINT?

Is your presentation clear, concise and effective?

If someone presented YOUR presentation to you, would you buy?

When was the last time you presented YOUR PRESENTATION to a colleague?  Think it might be a good idea?

GAP #6:  No Training In The Fundamentals Of Selling

At EXIT REALTY BEND we learn fundamentals of selling especially from our JOHNNY LOEWY REACT ONLINE TRAINING.  He builds his training from the ground up….one brick at a time.

A few years ago, in just about every industry, there was little need for real sales SKILLS. Agents did (and some try to continue) simply fly by the seat of their pants.

I know……because I sold hundreds of properties being an order taker in the biggest real estate boom market in Bend, Oregon history.

Business was abundant.

Business was easy.

But now, after perhaps the second biggest real estate depression in our history, you MUST LEARN SKILLS.

GAP #7:  Are You Ashamed To Be Known As A Salesperson?

Rodriquez believes this is the CORE of the problem. Maybe I agree.  He says, “people who are ashamed to be salespeople don’t engage in the habits of successful salespeople.”


Well, our real estate profession, as a whole, is often looked at with distain.  Truth is, I look it at that way more often than I would like to admit.  Fact is, a recent Harris Poll identified REAL ESTATE AGENTS as one of the least respected professions of “prestigious professions.”

Harris Poll Chart by Jonathan J. Miller -Friday, August 7, 2009

So, that is why I believe we must all, as he states, “have a driving commitment” to bring forth a resurgence of the sales professional.  I personally believe we must lead the resurgence, in our own profession by separating “traditional” real estate salespeople to “Professional Real Estate Consultants.”  To do so I don’t believe we must wear the “brand” with pride alone, but instead clearly define our differences and create our own brand separate of preconceived stereotypes or opinions.

Now that you have addressed the 7 Gaps you are in a position to build your war chest and adopt the habits of a Sales Professional.

Jim Mazziotti is the Principal Managing Broker and Franchise Owner of EXIT Realty Bend in Bend, Oregon. He is a 17 year veteran in the business and can be contacted at www.facebook.com/exitrealtybend.

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The article “Resurgence of The Sales Professional” by Rene Rodriquez appeared
in The Niche Report Magazine, Issue 004/April 2012

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